29 June 2009

Review: Magnetic Morning - A.M.

Originally published in NME

Considering Magnetic Morning’s pedigree – Interpol’s Sam Fogarino and Swervedriver frontman Adam Franklin – it’s astonishing how much their debut sounds like Doves covering My Bloody Valentine, and largely every bit as ill-fated as that sounds. Unrelentingly maudlin and hell bent on ramming every potential silence with soporific guitars and proverbially pathetic fallacy, ‘A.M.’ only perks up on its two covers: ‘Motorway’, an adaptation of Kraftwerk’s ‘Autobahn’, with the Super Furries’ harmonies and the segues of Secret Machines happily trapped in a Krautrock time machine, and a cover of ‘60s girl group The Shangri-Las’ ‘Out in the Streets’, which imbues a welcome swathe of malevolence into the original’s saccharine chutzpah. For the most part though, there’s probably more life in your post-Glasto socks than is to be found anywhere in ‘A.M.’. 



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