29 July 2009

Review: Deerhooof @ Tivoli De Helling, Utrecht, 19.07.09

"Dankuwel!" says Deerhoof's lanky drummer, Greg Saunier. "Dankuwel met... slagroom?!" Thankfully, what Deerhoof lack in Dutch proficiency (he just said "thank you with whipped cream"), they more than compensate for with their hyperkinetic stylings. Before 'Twin Killers', pocketsized singer Satomi Matsuzaki and goofy guitarist Ed Rodriguez ape the primitive artillery of Space Invaders, 'Basketball' is a Hallowe'en bastardization of a cheerleading routine, and they reinvent aerobics on a fervent 'Panda'. Bounding around as if the stage were made from flubber, the calmer, vocal-led numbers are sweetly benign, but merry pandemonium re-errupts as Matsuzaki leaps to the floor to put the proverbial cherry on top too.

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