24 October 2007

Fruit juice and smoothies are taxed; hot dogs and all other foods are not.


Please sign this petition to encourage the government to lift the 17.5% VAT on fruit juice and smoothies. If they are as committed to decreasing the rate of obesity in this country as they say they are, they should also switch the tax around to make unhealthy foods more expensive. It seems ridiculous that people who make a healthy choice in their purchases are being penalised.

Research conducted by Innocent, the people behind Innocent Smoothies and This Water, has established that at least 500 million more portions of fruit would be consumed each year if this tax was lifted.

How many times have you gone for a cheaper carbonated drink after being put off by the price of smoothies etc? Sign this petition so everyone can enjoy the benefits of drinking fruit (it's quicker and easier than eating apples as well as being healthy!).

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