26 October 2007

Cuckoo Flies the Nest

The people behind a recently-closed Truro bar have relaunched the brand as an alternative club night.

Cuckoo, formerly of Old Bridge Street, was closed in September due to the proprietor's ill health. It is now manifesting itself as 'Club Cuckoo', which kicked off in Truro's Bar 200 on 20th October, and will move around the clubs of the area. Liam Jolly was the bar's live music promoter, who, with his company 'Suave', will be journeying the night around Cornwall:

"At Cuckoo we created a very identifiable brand, so now we can take that to those who couldn't make it to Truro due to Cornwall's awful public transport! We wanted a friendly, non-cliquey environment in which to listen to the best in alternative music at loud volume.

"We had great feedback from the first night, although it was quite stressful as we coincided with the rugby world cup final."

A customer from the first night seemed to agree: "I'm so glad that Cuckoo hasn't gone completely - we need this kind of thing to cater for people who don't like 5000 beat-per-minute dance rubbish, which is the only taste that other clubs in the area seem to cater for. The mixture of live music and DJs is obviously a winner, and going by their track record with getting bigger names to play, I for one am excited."

During its time at a permanent location, Cuckoo was renowned for supporting bands from Cornwall and further afield, with over 80 bands performing on their stage in the five months they were open. Many of these nights were filled to capacity. Live music is also a feature of the new night, which will take place across the county.

"We're opening in Falmouth on 12th November in the upstairs of MI Bar. We have some great bands lined up for it, and with the student population in and around Falmouth at an all-time high, it should be great. It's a very arty night, so where better to do it than Falmouth? There will also be a one-off night in Redruth soon," said Mr Jolly.
Under the proprietors of Kazbah, the Barley Sheaf became Cuckoo in April, and was suceeded by The Riverside, a new gastropub, in September.

The next night will take place at Bar 200 on 27th October, featuring A Day At The Movies, King Furnace, and The Venton Gimps, in addition to resident DJs The Earls of Suave (aka Liam Jolly and Frank Gane). Entry is £3 and strictly 18+.

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