25 October 2007

Harmonia - Live 1974

Comprising members of Krautrock superstars Neu!, Cluster, and, at times, Brian Eno, Harmonia helped to redefine and rebel against the cultural wasteland of a Germany in the process of renewed self-discovery. On ‘Live 1974’, they’ve taken the moody mechanical side of the genre, lacing it with determined soaring intricacies and synths which inspired bands from Battles to Radiohead, potentially making Harmonia one of the most important supergroups you’ve probably never heard of.


(as printed in NME 17.10.07)


aSH said...

This sounds rather good. Is it your review from NME? If so, well done.

I've dabled in Krautrock but got really confused when I saw Faust support Explosions in the Sky. The music was good but they had some dude ironing at the front of the stage with the ironing board mic'd up???

Have you heard Can? By far and away my favourite Krautrock band. If you haven't then you could do a lot worse than listening to the Ege Bamyasi record.

Künstlicher said...

Thanks! The album is AWESOME, I will lend it to you if you want? I am dabbling in Krautrock at the moment, a friend has lent me Can, Cluster, Neu and Faust (but I stupidly left it at work, so can't listen now), and he accidentally bought Krautrocksampler in German, so he's going to sell me that. I disagree with the idea that Kraftwerk are the seminal krautrock band - I don't like them much, and don't think that they match up to the rest of the genre (which is generally much better)! I will listen to Ege Bamyasi. How about a mix-CD swap?

aSH said...

Mix cd swap would be good but it may have to wait as I don't have all my music with me. AND KRAFTWERK ARE ACE!!!!!!!